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Sacred Music in Books and Sheets, and More

Sacred Music in Books and Sheets, and More

DARCEY PRESS has published sacred music in over 30 years sharing with its customers the works of many talented composers, all inspired to praise God with their musical inspiration.

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Sacred Music Products

DARCEY PRESS has published sacred music for over 30 years, focusing on vocal solos, plus keyboard works based on hymn tunes, all suitable for church and private use, sharing the work of capable, talented, inspired composers.


Music And More!

Over 150 sacred solos setting biblical passages or original poems… over 2,000 pages of organ/keyboard compositions, most of which are chorale preludes or sets of variations based on hymn tunes… sheet music for all seasons… several “specialized” collections … books….. And there are word search puzzle books based on inspiring scriptural passages, many puzzles offered individually for free download.

New Style Biblical Word Search Puzzles

Several groups of Word Search Puzzles, based on Old Testament passages, are available for free download. Use the links provided to download each group of Word Search Puzzles and Solutions.

Group 01 Puzzle (View Solution) | Group 02 Puzzle (View Solution) | Group 03 Puzzle (View Solution)

Each puzzle has a hidden message. Use the clues to uncover it. Increase your familiarity with scriptural passages you can treasure!

Enjoy sacred music? Let these works bless and inspire you!


Copyright for these word search puzzles is claimed by DARCEY PRESS. The use of downloads is expected for individual and group solving — for Sunday School and scriptural bible groups, church groups and retreat groups to use — in short, for use originating from a single download, duplicated for multiple use. The right to sell the puzzles is claimed by DARCEY PRESS.