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Sacred Music in Books and Sheets, and More

Sacred Music in Books and Sheets, and More

DARCEY PRESS has published sacred music for over 30 years sharing with its customers the works of many talented composers, all inspired to praise God with their musical inspiration.

DarceyPress Offerings

Sacred Keyboard Works: Over 2,000 pages of organ/keyboard compositions, chorale preludes or sets of variations based on hymn tunes, the compositions available in 14 collections; also several “specialized” focused keyboard collections;

Sacred SolosOver 150 sacred solos available via collections or sheet music;

Secular Solos for All Ages: Includes New Songs for New Singers — Books 1 and 2 and Sweet Dreams, my Little Ones, with pictures to color, music to play, recorded songs on a go-to-sleep CD;

Christmas Carol Books Plus: Carols for Friends and Families in singer-sized books, singer’s book with sing-along CD for over half the contents, an accompaniment large size book with spiral binding;

Hymns with Tunes:

New Style Biblical Word-Searches: Puzzles based on inspiring scriptural passages.  Some sample puzzles are offered for free download.

Special Focus Projects:

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Product of the Month

New Style Biblical Word Searches Book 2



About half of the word searches are based on the KJV translation of the Bible, and half are based on newer translations. Each puzzle title identifies the translation used. The method of solving is spelled out in the “Introduction” at the front of the Book. Find each clues using the process described below, and the unused letters will fill the blanks of the relevant hidden message. Used colored highlighters to solve, following the prescribed color choices; your solution will add a dimension ot the solving with a suggestion of a picture or a colorful design, in the solved search. The puzzles include clues which appear and must be found multiple times, in order to solve the puzzles correctly and reveal a hidden message. This is the “New Style” announced in the book title. Each clue word or phrase, in the exact form requested, must be found every time it appears. Also, importantly: no clue is entirely embedded within another clue. Embedded words cannot be counted as “found” clues. You must find all appearances of each clue, one for each set of brackets [ ] following the clue. Otherwise, the hidden message will be incorrect. Be sure to mark off each clue as you find it!

New Style Biblical Word Search Puzzles

Several groups of Word Search Puzzles, based on Old Testament passages, are available for free download. Use the links provided to download each group of Word Search Puzzles and Solutions.

Group 01 Puzzle (View Solution) | Group 02 Puzzle (View Solution) | Group 03 Puzzle (View Solution)

Each puzzle has a hidden message. Use the clues to uncover it. Increase your familiarity with scriptural passages you can treasure!

Let these works bless and inspire you!